E-tailer Genuine has recently unveiled plans to move forward in the U.S. The online boutique, which originated in Asia, is working to expand its presence nationally starting with the U.S.’s major cities.

The e-tailer has fierce competition as of now in the online market, with popular retailers such as Revolve and Nasty Gal doing so well. “Fast-growing brands, like Nasty Gal, it’s all based on [venture capital],” Nave Avimor of Genuine told WWD. Currently, in order to maintain a profit, Genuine is planning to focus more on East Asian designers that will help attract U.S. customers. The company has already made moves to expand in the country. Last year, the e-tailer opened a San Francisco office, although its main office is still headquartered in Shanghai. The company is currently aimed at young professionals from ages 23-34 years old. Genuine retails clothing with a sophisticated style at an affordable price point. The brand emphasizes a professional, contemporary aesthetic.

According to WWD, 90 percent of the company’s customers come from the U.S. including major cities. Genuine has customers coming from Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, Chicago, and other cities. Overall, the company plans to differentiate itself by offering something to consumers that’s not already here. By planning to focus on luxury fabrics and Asian-inspired styles, the e-tailer plans to stand out against competing e-tailers for the next year.





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