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Global e-commerce sales rise over 120 percent for apparel and footwear

By Kristopher Fraser


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As shoppers are eager to get shopping again, but are still reluctant to set foot in stores, there is hope for e-commerce finally making up for the lost ground of brick-and-mortar. According to sales on eShopWorld's platform, apparel and footwear rose more than 120 percent in early June. In addition, U.S. brands using eShopWorld to sell cross-border saw the highest volume growth during the month of May in Malaysia, which was up 359 percent, Singapore, which was up 284 percent, and Chile, which was up 237 percent. The top three markets for the June 1 to 15 period were Chile, which was up 379 percent, Mexico, which was up 204 percent, and Russia, which was up 159 percent.

“Our data shows that brands that have been able to pivot away from physical stores and double down on digital channels to find significant growth amid the COVID-19 outbreak,” said Tommy Kelly, CEO of eShopWorld, in a statement. “In June so far, cross-border apparel and footwear sales have seen significant growth, and our May overall sales volumes were above those seen during the peak pre-holiday Black Friday period. We expect this strong growth to continue as consumers around the world keep shopping from home due to concerns about the ongoing pandemic.”

U.S. brands are seeking alternative avenues to growth as physical stores remain shuttered in some markets and as consumer worries about health and safety affect foot traffic in those markets that have already reopened. eShopWorld helps brands identify and target the regions where their products are in demand and provides an end-to-end cross-border e-commerce solution that enables them to acquire and build long-term relationships with customers in those international markets. The company has seen its strong volume growth in early 2020 accelerate due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

U.S. brands rely on eShopWorld for its local market expertise and stable platform as well as its ability to keep trade lanes open and support diverse inventory pools. The company can help US brands achieve speed to market in other geographies in as little as 12 weeks.