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H&M develops digital printing platform as it invests in on-demand services

By Rachel Douglass


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Image: H&M, Creator Studio

H&M Group Business Ventures has announced its new global platform developed for the merchandise industry, Creator Studio, an on-demand printing service.

The service will allow the creation of merchandise through technology, utilising made-to-order digital printing within an e-commerce setup. As stated in an announcement, the company said it is “aiming to lower the barriers for brands and creators to offer good quality merchandise”. It further mentioned that it will be growing its client base, initially, through onboarding a select number of global brands and creators, with a vision to expand its offering beyond typical merchandise.

Its decision to launch the platform stems from that of consumer and business demands, with the group stating that there is a growing market for personalised products. The new venture follows similar initiatives at a brand level in the group, such as Weekday’s 3D scanned custom jeans and Singular Society’s personalised ceramics.

“The customer of today is demanding more personalised products and experiences than ever,” said Ellen Svanström, head of business ventures in the H&M Group. “With our investments and initiatives within on-demand printing, we can really create value for the customer, external partners as well as for the H&M group and be a force for change in the merchandise industry. We enable creators to quickly tailor their message to their fans and at the same time reduce the risk of overproduction.”

Alongside the new business venture, the group’s investment arm, H&M Co:Lab has further invested in print-on-demand network, Printify. The e-commerce platform enables individuals to start their own print business by printing products through the platform, which then also handles their distribution. The site recently announced it had garnered 45 million dollars in investments, including from the founders of Vinted and Squarespace.

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