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H&M present short film supporting NYC climate week

By Rachel Douglass

Sep 20, 2021


Image: H&M

Fast-fashion retailer H&M has revealed its new short film as part of New York City Climate Week, created in collaboration with an international team of digital artists.

Premiering today, the project intends to inspire and educate viewers on what they can do to contribute to the circular fashion industry, with the film centring around the artistic exploration of a garment’s circular lifecycle. Exploring the principles behind this subject matter, the format allows the film to be shown in planetariums so viewers can be immersed in the digital experience.

Through a storyline focused on how a garment can live multiple lives through reuse, repair and remake, the project hopes to educate consumers on the value of clothing as a resource and the importance of care. It emphasises the industry’s responsibility to develop sustainable design and production processes, and ways in which everyone can ensure they play a part in closing the lifecycle loop.

Starting today, Climate Week NYC brings together innovators in climate action through a number of discussions, showcases and presentations.

The film runs adjacent to H&M’s previously stated goal of becoming climate positive throughout its entire value chain by 2040, a target already worked towards through a number of sustainability strategies and initiatives carried out through the retailer’s operations and product lines.

The short film will be featured at a number of planetariums and museums throughout the US, as well as an intimate community screening in collaboration with Lower East Side Girl’s Club in New York. Viewers will also be able to participate in a sustainability workshop prior to the film premiere.