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H&M, Zalando and About You top EU cross-border e-commerce rankings

By Rachel Douglass


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Image: Zalando

In its fourth edition of its European e-commerce report, Cross-Border Commerce Europe has highlighted the top 500 players in cross-border performance, with H&M and Zalando sweeping up top spots on the list.

According to the organisation, the total online EU cross-border market represented a turnover of 171.2 billion euros in 2021, increasing by 17 percent YTD. It also reported that European webshops had achieved 100 billion euros cross-border in turnover.

Now in its fourth edition, the organisation has continued to rank top European retailers using specified parameters, such as online cross-border sales in Europe, search engine optimisation (SEO) indicators, active countries and percentage of cross-border visitors.

Its research also considered elements like brand authority, number of languages and currency and local supply availability.

While Ikea took the number one spot on the list, maintaining its place from last year, fast fashion group H&M came in second while Zalando came in fourth. German fashion retailer About You also appeared in the top ten, at number six, followed by Zara, which came in eighth place.

In terms of countries, the UK dropped down the list to number two, cementing Germany in the top spot for this year’s report, which boasted a turnover of 32 billion euros. According to the company, Brexit has had a major impact on the UK’s cross-border sales, dropping minus 12 percent and resulting in 29 billion euros, compared to its 33 billion in 2020.

Image: Cross-Border Commerce Europe

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