Has Eddie Borgo shuttered his business?

Eddie Borgo appears to be an Eddie no-go. The handbag and jewelry company appears to have quietly closed its offices at the end of last year, with no notice and as a surprise to many. The company, which began in 2008, has also shut down their website and disconnected their phones.

No official statement by the company has been made as to what happened. Their most recent Instagram post was from December 8, and things were mum at the brand for the rest of the year. Although Eddie Borgo merchandise is still available through third-party websites, it is heavily discounted.

The closure of the business comes as a surprise, as it seems the brand was on an upward trajectory. In October 2016, the company had launched their fine jewelry collection with Tiffany & Co. In 2015, he launched his handbag collection, which was picked up by prestigious retailers including Net-a-Porter.

Still, earning the respect of the industry wasn't enough to keep the business open it seems like. Perhaps Borgo has gone onto another position? Perhaps he plans on relaunching the business at a later date? Only time will tell.

photo: via Net-a-porter.com




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