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Hermès to ramp up luxury leather goods production

By Kristopher Fraser


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Luxury goods company Hermès is boosting production of their leather goods. The company plans to open a new leather goods workshop in Auvergne in 2025, employing an additional 250 people. The news was reported by WWD.

Hermès will work with France’s employment agency to recruit future employees for the new workshop. The employees will begin training in November from a temporary work location. The future permanent workshop will be located in Room Limagne et Volcans in central France. Hermès is no stranger to the region, as their Sayat workshop has been there for 20 years.

Increased demand in Asia has led to Hermès having to boost production by adding a new workshop every year in the past decade. As a result, Hermès has added 250,000 jobs.

80 percent of Hermès products are made in France. Even though Hermès took a hit from the global coronavirus pandemic, they are seeing one of the fastest rebounds. Upon reopening their Guangzhou flagship in China, the store saw record breaking single day sales of 2.7 million dollars.

photo: via hermes.com