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Inditex reveals 1.8 billion euro investment plan for 2024/25

By Jaime Martinez


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Massimo Dutti store. Credits: Inditex.

Accompanying the publication of its financial results for the FY23, which were once again at record highs, the Inditex Group also announced some of the main levers that will be used to continue to stimulate its growth, both in the short and medium term. These measures include both the launch of a new logistics expansion plan, through 1.8 billion euros in investments, and the renewed commitment to the strategic market of the US, with the opening of the first Massimo Dutti shop and the launch of its Zara Pre-Owned resale platform.

The management of the Spanish multinational has advanced their intentions to continue focusing on raising their fashion proposals, improving the shopping experience of their customers, and continuing to promote sustainability as the basis of all their operations. Through three strategic pillars, the team has also outlined some of the main initiatives and activations that will see the light of day throughout this new financial year of 2024. It is in this year that Inditex is further starting with a new logistics expansion plan, aimed at completing the expansion of its capacities, and which will be developed both during this financial year 2024 and during the next financial year 2025.

With regard to the constant renewal of its fashion offer, Inditex highlighted the launches of new lines such as ‘Zara Woman The Leather Edition’, ‘Massimo Dutti Venetian Veil’, ‘Pull&Bear the Summit’, ‘Bershka TBTailoring’, ‘Stradivarius Poplin’, ‘Oysho Back to training’ and ‘Zara Home Linens’. In terms of improving the customer experience, Inditex further announced new store openings such as Zara’s new Caesars Palace store in Las Vegas; the opening of Massimo Duttu's first physical shop in the US, in Aventura Mall in Miami; and Oysho's first shop in Germany, in the city of Hamburg.

For their part, the Bershka and Zara Home chains will also land in India for the first time, with their first shops in Mumbai and Bangalore, respectively. All this follows the company’s reopening of some 50 Inditex shops in Ukraine, as well as the multinational's plans to launch a weekly livestreaming programme of the Zara chain in both the US and the UK. Activations that will be launched throughout 2024

In terms of sustainability initiatives, while the company continues to make progress on its renewed roadmap of sustainable objectives, presented in July 2023, one of the main actions to be carried out this year, in its aim to try to encourage a new, more circular philosophy of continuing to consume fashion, is the launch of Zara Pre-Owned in the US. The initiative is already available in 16 European markets, and builds on similar circular projects through the company’s Sustainability Innovation Hub, through which Inditex continues to work with 350 startups with the aim of developing and investing in related projects.

Logistics expansion plan, with an investment of 1.8 billion euros

In addition to these strategies, Inditex revealed a new logistics expansion plan for 2024 and 2025 that is already underway, aimed at reinforcing and increasing the company's logistics capacity by investing 900 million euros in each of the two financial years. These funds will be allocated to the renovation, expansion and construction of new logistics bases, with the main projects being the construction of a new 286,000 square metre distribution centre for Zara in Zaragoza; the enlargement by 123 thousand square metres of the Zara logistics centre in Lelystad, in the Netherlands; and the construction of new logistics centres for Bershka and for Tempe, Inditex's footwear subsidiary, both in the Valencian Community, of 116 and 141 thousand square metres, respectively.

Following the investments that will be made as part of this plan, "the majority of these projects will start operating in the second half of 2025", Inditex management said in a statement. The main objective of "this extraordinary logistics plan", they add, is to try to "reinforce Inditex's capacities to tackle the strong medium and long-term growth opportunities at a global level", which they continue to perceive for its diversified and increasingly omnichannel business model.