Industry Model Mgmt, a growing boutique women's modeling agency, has announced the opening of their newest office in Miami, Florida. Founded by Federico Pignatelli, The Industry Model Mgmt is a division of Pier 59 Studios.

"The Miami opening is part of a period of terrific growth for the brand taking place over the past two years, since inception," said Pignatelli in a statement. "Currently we have established offices in both New York City and Los Angeles, so the expansion to Miami was the next logical step as we expand the agency's footprint on a national level."

Pignatelli is a longtime advocate for fair treatment of models and is known for his creation of The Model's Bill of Rights, a bill designed to outline the basic expectations that models should have surrounding safety, immigration, payment, fairness in charges of expenses and full disclosure of Models financials along with prompt payments. Pignatelli recently hosted a signing of this bill during New York Fashion Week at his Studios Complex in New York City, Pier59 Studios.

He added that, "Miami is a fashion capital, with incredibly beautiful and talented models in need of outstanding representation. The strategic location opens the doors not only to the local market, but Latin America and other international markets as brands worldwide opt to shoot in Miami. It is a privilege to have Paolo Buonfante at the head of the Miami operation as he is a professional with deep U.S. and international experience gained within several of the premier entities in the business, and a person of outstanding integrity, managerial skills and taste."

Paolo Buonfante, director of the Miami operation said, "As a third-generation fashion industry insider with over 32 years of personal experience in discovering, developing and booking upcoming top models, I'm proud to be part of The Industry Model Group network growing projects expressing my full devotion and experience to the opening and expansion of the Miami Branch. Servicing client and models professionally are central to my overall work ethic and making this company more competitive and unique are my goals."

All fashion eyes have been on Miami to become one of America's next fashion capitals. With the growing attendance of Miami Swim Week, and the fashion crowd flocking their for Art Basel in December, investors and business incubators have been looking at the city as a growing retail hub. In terms of modeling agencies, Next and Wilhelmina have a strong presence there, and will be seen as competitors for Industry Model Mgmt.





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