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Informa Fashion Markets to transition to MMGNET

By Vivian Hendriksz


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MMGNET Community Events Credits: MMGNET Group

Informa Fashion Markets, the organizer behind leading events such as Coterie, Magic, Project, and Sourcing at Magic, is undergoing a major transformation to become a new type of fashion ecosystem.

The company announced today that it will be transitioning to a new entity under the name MMGNET Group and launched a new platform with content, insights, and resources for professionals powered by its parent brand, MMGNET, which is pronounced mag-net.

Aiming to become the fashion industry's newest resource, moving forward, MMGNET Group's portfolio of B2B fashion industry brands includes MMGNET, Magic, Coterie, Project, and Sourcing at Magic. Created to better support the border fashion industry and connect diverse communities, products, services, and resources all year round, the company will serve as a main point of connection for the industry.

Informa Markets Fashion transforms to MMGNET Group

The transition comes as the group's B2B event brands continue to evolve, with MMGNET offering an expanded product and service offering, including a steady stream of rich and inspirational content and resources, as well as more opportunities for the wider industry to connect and innovate throughout the year, alongside a suite of enhanced digital marketing opportunities.

"This is more than a rebranding or launch of a new parent brand; this is about addressing how we serve our audience and the industry moving forward as an evolution of our business," said Kelly Helfman, President of MMGNET Group, in a statement. "We're focused on doing what we do incredibly well, but better than ever - connecting our customers through our live events - while also enhancing support year-round, both on and offline. We are fashion's go-to-partner for live discovery and commerce, now with MMGNET we can also be the industry's resource for industry connection, insights, business resources, and inspiration."

MMGNET Logo Credits: MMGNET Group

MMGNET's concept is the fruit of comprehensive market research and customer feedback accumulated over the past two years, revealing emerging needs in response to persistent market shifts, supply chain issues, direct-to-consumer channel disruptions, and evolving consumer preferences. Key needs identified by the company include constant access to market insights and trend-focused content, enhanced curation and guidance, as well as increased opportunities for commerce, connection, and year-round community engagement.

Informa Fashion Markets Launches MMGNET, the new portfolio parent brand, and B2B industry resource

"This next chapter is about empowering our customers and the industry in new and expanded ways that drive mutual benefit, growth, and progress," added Teodora Nicolae, vice president of marketing at MMGNET Group, in a statement. "MMGNET now exists to address the industry's new needs and to exist as a synergistic ecosystem that drives more valuable connections across our communities and provides more opportunity than ever for them to interact and engage, to create, to innovate, to discover, and to learn and share knowledge in new ways and new formats."

MMGNET will center its ecosystem of hero brands, communities, products, and services around four main pillars: fostering connections and opportunities, providing actionable market insights, delivering inspiration and trend forecasting, and ensuring profitable responsibility. Seeking to unlock the industry's vast potential for partnerships, growth, and innovation through increased touchpoints, both digitally and in-person, MMGNET's expansive platform aims to enhance connections within its current audience and beyond, facilitating the creation and growth of new communities across the fashion industry.

The first pillar sees MMGNET investing in innovative gatherings for fashion communities and the broader industry, both within and beyond the conventional market cycle. This includes hosting global meetups and community events during pivotal fashion calendar dates, experimenting with new formats like conference and content-driven live events, and introducing fresh programs focused on curation and matchmaking at key industry events.

Informa Fashion Markets to become MMGNET, fashion's newest B2B ecosystem

The second pillar, actionable industry insights, sees MMGNET expanding and investing in market research and data analysis to capture significant trends in the global fashion landscape, including macro and micro market shifts, consumer behavior changes, and more. Central to this enhanced insights program is the aim to contextualize data, assisting fashion professionals and businesses of all sizes in strategically applying these insights to their decision-making processes. These findings will be presented in various formats, both digital and physical, and will include comprehensive analyses and tailored narratives for different segments of the industry and its communities.

The third pillar of MMGNET's strategy focuses on inspiring and delivering year-round trend insights, direction, and curation in diverse formats. MMGNET will continue to offer a comprehensive program of seasonal trend forecasts for various market segments and categories. In addition, it aims to broaden the scope of 'trend' content, providing relevant industry forecasts and reports on topics like fashion technology, current social media consumer trends, sustainability, marketing, and branding.

The fourth and last pillar sees MMGNET place a strong emphasis on profitable responsibility, a core value aimed at guiding the industry and stakeholders toward a more sustainable and ethical future. This includes commitments to sustainability, environmental responsibility, social empowerment, and diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives. Future plans for expanding the Verified Sustainable program across its primary brand communities and events, along with the IMFC Incubator, which supports minority-owned fashion brands, are said to be underway.

MMGNET is set to make further announcements concerning new initiatives for live events, trend and insights content, and responsibility-driven projects in the upcoming months.

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