Instagram will start putting ads within the Explore page

Businesses will soon have more opportunities to make themselves visible on Instagram. The social media platform announced on Wednesday that it will start placing ads within the Explore page, the section where users can discover new content based on their preferences. Currently, ads are only placed in the app’s main feed and Stories.

The ads, which will be automated, will appear once a user clicks on a post suggested on the Explore page and then starts scrolling through related content. That means advertisers are not required to do anything different. All they have to do, once the feature is officially released, is check a box indicating they would like to appear among the Explore suggestions as well.

Facebook (Instagram’s parent company) is currently testing the new ad space with a group of select businesses, but it aims to make it available for all advertisers in the next few months.

About half of Instagram’s one billion users visit the Explore page regularly, according to Instagram’s blog.

Picture: courtesy of Instagram





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