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Kering partners with Sonovia on denim dyeing technology

By Rachel Douglass


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Photo Credits: Balenciaga, collection Alta Costura 51ST. Balenciaga, official.

Kering has struck up a deal with Israel-based Sonovia and Italian manufacturer PureDenim that will see the French luxury group help to develop and install indigo yarn dyeing technology into its denim production lines.

The agreement comes as part of the conglomerate’s ongoing sustainability strategy, in which it has stated that it is aiming to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 40 percent.

According to Sonovia, its D(y)enim ultrasound technology will reduce the usage of water in the textile dyeing process by up to 85 percent, and take away its reliability on polluting chemicals.

The move further builds on the relationship between Sonovia and PureDenim, a duo that has been working together since early 2022 on the development of the technology.

In a release, CEO and owner of PureDenim, Gigi Caccia, said: "Sonovia's technology is the ultimate step towards near-zero-impact indigo dyeing.

“Having forward-looking partners like Sonovia and Kering gives us courage to take on challenges that until yesterday seemed unattainable."

Sonovia’s chief business officer, Roy Hirsch, reaffirmed Caccia’s statement, adding that Kering’s partnership is confirmation of the technology’s future.

Hirsch concluded: “The agreement will revolutionise the textile industry and increase sustainability in the fashion world."

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