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Klarna launches US ‘Pay Now’ option and Klarna Card

By Rachel Douglass



Image: Klarna

Payment service provider Klarna has announced the introduction of its ‘Pay Now’ option for its US market, as well as a Klarna Card debut to the region.

Its ‘Pay Now’ service will enable US customers to pay immediately and in full with any Klarna-partnered retailer, consistent with global markets that currently have access to the option.

The further introduction of the Klarna Card, an already established feature for European markets, aims to provide further convenience and flexibility for US consumers. Users can pay over time in four interest-free instalments for any in-store or online purchase. Additionally, the card will be connected to Klarna’s loyalty programme, rewarding consumers with exclusive deals and discounts. Card users can connect the service to the app, allowing them to track and manage payments.

The launch of the new services in the US are part of the company’s growth in the region, based on rising consumer demand for more convenient and transparent payment options. According to the firm, Klarna has “nearly doubled its US customer base to over 21 million customers”.

It most recently introduced its Klarna Express button, for effortless checkout, now utilised by the likes of Macy’s and Coach.

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