MiaDonna, the American company known for pioneering lab-grown diamonds, announced its status as a Certified B Corporation on Nov. 5. The company is now recognized for its “low-impact production practices, work-place processes, sustainable products, and purpose-driven business.”

According to the announcement B Corporation Certification is the only certification that gauges a brand’s social and environmental performance entirely. It also measures the company’s business model, its impact on employees, community, environment, customers and more.

“Since the beginning, my goal was to create the greenest fine jewelry company possible and we’ve always pushed for a more sustainable diamond industry,” Anne-Mieke Anderson, the brand’s founder and chief executive officer, said in the announcement. “Our B Corporation Certification validates the work we’ve done and continue to do. We hope others in our industry will follow this lead.”

MiaDonna is currently looking to expand its philanthropic and ethical initiatives that the brand’s profits fund.





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