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Launchmetrics acquires Parklu

By Kristopher Fraser


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Launchmetrics, the brand performance cloud for fashion, luxury, and beauty, has acquired China’s leading influencer analytics platform Parklu. Parklu manages a network of more 100,000 fashion and beauty influencers, known locally as key opinion leaders (KOLs) across all of China’s major social media platforms including WeChat, TikTok, Weibo, Red, and Bilibili.

The acquisition will allow Launchmetrics to add another layer to its brand performance cloud, being the only truly global service provider for the fashion, luxury, and beauty industries. This marks the company’s second acquisition in the past year (following the acquisition of IMAXtree), as well as its second since their 50 million dollar fundraising round in September 2018. This acquisition will reinforce the business’s larger strategy to expand their analytics in order to help executives make informed global business decisions that yield stronger consumer relationships worldwide. 

The acquisition of Parklu will give Launchmetrics access to an extensive amount of China-focused analytics that will enhance its brand Intelligence solution and integrate 100K+ Chinese KOLs into their existing network. In addition, it will also allow Launchmetrics to operate directly in China — ultimately, introducing international brands to Parklu’s combined reach of more than 900 million consumers. Given the growing importance of China in the industry’s recovery and influencers being a powerful voice in the customer journey, the acquisition thus represents a significant inroad to the market.

“Parklu will add a new layer of apps and data to our brand performance cloud,” said Michael Jais, CEO of Launchmetrics, in a statement. “In today’s climate, brands are trying to understand how they can be more efficient and deliver better ROI. This acquisition will make us the only player to measure cross-voice performance by providing the industry with a consistent metric to more effectively understand performance in China and beyond.”

“Given that ROI is critical in the current market, analytics can be more reliable than intuition,” said Parklu’s founder and CEO, Kim Leitzes, in a statement. “As many executives make data-driven decisions, we will deliver even more value to our clients with a comprehensive offer, fueled by Launchmetrics’ brand performance cloud. We share Launchmetrics’ vision and believe industry-specific solutions will best enable FLB executives to capitalize on opportunities, both on-and offline, all while connecting their strategy, operational efforts, and results in a single, global solution.”

Kim Leitzes will stay on as managing director of APAC, and be responsible for integrating the Parklu offer, in addition to playing a critical role in the expansion of its global business as Launchmetrics expects substantial growth in the region following this acquisition. Parklu and Launchmetrics’ current operating activities will continue as normal.

photo: courtesy of Launchmetrics