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Lightspeed launches B2B platform for North American retailers

By Rachel Douglass


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Image: Lightspeed B2B

Lightspeed Commerce has announced the launch of a business-to-business (B2B) platform for North America-based retailers within the fashion, outdoor and sports sectors.

Its launch follows Lightspeed’s acquisition of NuOrder, a B2B re-commerce platform, into the Lightspeed Retail system.

“We saw an enormous opportunity to transform how retailers work with their brands,” said Lightspeed’s CEO, JP Chauvet, in a release.

Chauvet continued: “With the technology and expertise brought in through the NuOrder acquisition, we’ve been able to create a truly transformational, integrated brand supplier network for the retail industry. We’ve completely re-invented the buying and inventory process for brands and retailers, and Lightspeed B2B is bringing them a robust, high-end brand network.”

Lightspeed B2B aims to provide a new solution for brands and retailers, with a networking tool that integrates B2B order directly into the point of sale (POS) and an automated omnichannel retail experience.

“Wholesale retail ordering is a broken industry and we have always felt a responsibility to solve for both sides of the brand and retailer equation,” said Heath Wells, general manager of the Lightspeed B2B platform and co-founder of NuOrder.

Well continued: “With this launch, we’re offering transformative value for brands and retailers that represents an inflection point in the history of retail. This new tool enables independent businesses to discover new products, gain insights that were previously unattainable, and gain access to product catalogues and integrated ordering on one network.”