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Lilly Pulitzer unveils new logo as part of brand refresh

By Vivian Hendriksz


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Lilly Pulitzer's new logo Credits: Lilly Pulitzer

Womenswear brand Lilly Pulitzer has unveiled a brand refresh, which includes a new logo and typography. The first big shift in Lilly Pulitzer’s look in over fifteen years, the refresh is part of the Palm Beach brand’s wider modernization strategy.

The new logo was revealed at the brand’s newest store in Rhode Island and will be featured across more storefronts from this summer onwards. Celebrating its 65th anniversary, Lilly Pulitzer partnered with a collective of female creatives including Paula Scher from Pentagram to develop its new brand identity.

"It's the perfect balance of combining the roots of the brand with a modern take," said Mira Fain, executive VP of design and development at Lilly Pulitzer, in a statement. "We want new, powerful branding that is as identifiable, confident yet playful as the Lilly brand is today."

Lilly Pulitzer's new logo reveal Credits: Lilly Pulitzer

The redesign, referred to as a "brand refresh" by CEO Michelle Kelly, was several years in the making, with a female-led team at Kramer Design Group overseeing brand strategy, Pentagram developing its new logo & visual identity, and RoAndCo Studio managing the brandmark.

Inspired by Palm Beach, the redesign aims to reflect the mark Lilly Pulitzer left on resort wear. "It felt like the right time to revisit how we present ourselves to the world," said Michelle Kelly, CEO of Lilly Pulitzer, in a statement. "We are always looking for fresh ways to show up for our customers, and a focus on brand modernization while simultaneously celebrating the brand's 65th anniversary is a beautiful balance of heritage and innovation."

As part of the refresh, customers can expect to see the brand's logo ingeniously integrated into patterns across Lily Pulitzer’s upcoming collections, including expanded lines of shoes, handbags, small items, and the evolving range of activewear and sportswear.

Lilly Pulitzer's new logo and typography Credits: Lilly Pulitzer
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