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Los Angeles Apparel halts operations

By Kristopher Fraser


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Dov Charney's Los Angeles Apparel has paused operations and closed its factory after 300 workers contracted coronavirus. Four Los Angeles Apparel employees have died from contracting the virus. The Los Angeles County Department of Public Health was brought in to investigate following the deaths of the employees.

"The death of four dedicated garment workers is heartbreaking and tragic,” Barbara Ferrer from the LA County Department of Public Health told The LA Times in a statement. “Business owners and operators have a corporate, moral and social responsibility to their employees and their families to provide a safe work environment that adheres to all of the health officer directives — this responsibility is important, now more than ever, as we continue to fight this deadly virus."

This isn't the first time during the coronavirus pandemic that Dov Charney has had to shut his Los Angeles Apparel factory. In June, while Los Angeles was well along in its reopening phases, Charney was ordered to shut down his factory after someone reported that they weren't adhering to social distancing rules.

Los Angeles is still a hot spot for corona and has actually seen a resurgence in cases after reopening. California has 300,000 coronavirus cases, 40 percent of which are from Los Angeles County.

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