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Lululemon achieves 100 percent renewable energy goal in partnership with Enel

By Rachel Douglass

Sep 16, 2021


Image: Lululemon Facebook

Enel Green Power North America, together with sportswear apparel company Lululemon, has announced it has signed a virtual power purchase agreement with the brand to further the label’s goal of sourcing 100 percent renewable electricity.

The energy purchase agreement enables the brand to power its 360 stores, six offices and five distribution centres located throughout the US and contributes to the company’s goals concentrating on the reduction of its carbon footprint.

“Lululemon is committed to helping create an apparel industry that is both sustainable and inclusive and addresses the serious implications of climate change, including working toward a net-zero future and cutting carbon emissions across our value chain,” said Esther Speck, vice president of sustainable business and impact at Lululemon, in a release.

Speck continued: “Science clearly shows the urgent need to act now. That’s why, among others, we’ve partnered with Enel Green Power North America to accelerate the transition to renewable energy and reduce our emissions footprint. This agreement is an important milestone on our journey toward cleaner energy and a healthier planet.”

Back in 2020, the fitness wear company released an Impact Agenda outlining a number of initiatives and goals the brand wanted to achieve, covering both diversity and inclusion to environmental impact. Now accomplishing the goal of 100 percent renewable energy by 2021, the brand will begin to look towards other targets in the agenda, including the plan to produce products with 100 percent sustainable materials by 2030.

“As increasingly more retailers work to address the circularity of their operations, from product design and manufacturing to packaging and end-of-life, industry leaders like Lululemon are also prioritising renewable energy as a centrepiece of their climate and sustainability efforts,” explained the US and Canada head of Enel Green Power, Georgios Papadimitriou.

For global operations, Lululemon will continue to support new renewable energy development in the markets they operate in, with a number of energy companies already in talks with the retailer about this expansion.

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