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Lululemon launches social impact centre

By Rosalie Wessel

Oct 11, 2021


Image: Lululemon Facebook

Lululemon has launched its Centre for Social Impact.

The focus of the initiative is on the wellbeing of those without access to resources as well as anyone experiencing undue stress and trauma. The brand is using the centre to advocate for those affected by systemic inequity. Through its Here to Be Program, Lululemon hopes to reach 10 million people by 2025, and foster a more inclusive environment.

“At Lululemon, we believe everyone has the right to be well and we know the path to wellbeing is possible when tools, support, and resources are accessible to all,” said Esther Speck, vice president of global sustainability and social impact at Lululemon.

This launch is a part of Lululemon’s commitment to investing 75 million dollars into equitable wellbeing programs by 2025. An additional 5 million dollars will initially be invested into grassroots organisations and non-profits, which will be achieved through the Here to Be grant program.

Some organisations that will benefit from Lululemon’s investments are The Girls Opportunity Alliance, a program that focuses on empowering young girls through education, The National Alliance on Mental Illness, and The Trevor Project, the world’s largest suicide prevention and crisis intervention organisation for LGBTQ+ people.

Since 2016, the Here to Be program has supported more than 750 non-profit organisations. Other programs organised by the brand, such as the Peace on Purpose collaboration with the United Nations Foundation, have seen thousands of UN workers supported in mental and physical health matters.

Other initiatives and actions by Lululemon include their promise to respect the wellbeing of Indigenous communities, and giving a platform to Indigenous voices. Its website lists the impact its programs have had as reaching over one million people, with around 25 million dollars granted. The launch of the Center for Social Impact is, as the Lululemon website says, “setting out to break barriers that prevent access to wellbeing.”