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Lululemon provides update on wellbeing report

By Rachel Douglass


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Lululemon storefront. Credits: Lululemon.

Sportswear retailer Lululemon has published its third annual Global Wellbeing Report, which it began in order to better understand how to support people in their efforts to be well, as stated by its chief people and culture officer Susan Gelinas.

She added in her press statement: “Advancing wellbeing is not a solitary effort, it is a collective undertaking that requires commitment and compassion as we build a path towards positive change.”

Ultimately, the company said that through the report it aims to assess barriers to wellbeing and identify solutions through advocacy and initiatives.

This year, evidence outlined in the report suggested that the “worldwide state of wellbeing has not improved” since the first survey in 2021, with one in three respondents stating that their wellbeing was actually lower than it had ever been before.

Lululemon stated that this came despite wellbeing becoming increasingly prioritised, with a post-pandemic morale boost not coming to light, either due to time constraints, cost concerns or increased pressure to conform to societal norms.

Barriers were found to mainly revolve around mental health becoming more taboo among younger generations, disability constraints and men feeling as though it was more difficult to speak up.

The report comes as part of Lululemon’s increased efforts to provide access to wellbeing tools, an initiative that links to its Impact Agenda and has been established with its Centre for Social Impact.

Last month, the company also announced the launch of its inaugural Mental Wellbeing Global Advisory Board, designed to help develop practices to improve mental wellbeing for employees and communities.

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