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LVMH rounds out three-part YouTube series on its employees

By Rachel Douglass

Nov 18, 2021


Image: LVMH

Luxury fashion conglomerate LVMH has released a short social media series on its employees, centred around three representatives within different divisions of the company, each talking about their jobs, inspirations and passions.

Entitled ‘The Doers’, the series comes as a response to the pandemic crisis and the effect it has had on different industries that LVMH is a part of. It hopes to outline how each employee has faced the past year, with the company stating it “wanted to give voice to the people who enrich the Group, its employees”.

In the first episode, Sophie Aubin, the manager of the Louis Vuitton Champs Elysées flagship in Paris, talks about her view on retail as a motivating profession and how she dealt with lengthy lockdowns. Aubin joined the store during the pandemic, revealing that within the first week of her employment she had to close the store due to restrictions.

Image: LVMH

“My job is above all making sure that every person on my team feels engaged and that we share the same obsession: ensure that our customers enjoy an exceptional experience,” said Aubin, in the video. She went on to talk about the transitions staff went through in lockdown, when the store launched virtual shopping sessions via Zoom for its customers. About the transition, she said: “It was a new way to work since we asked our teams, who were primarily sales advisors, to become actors, to perform one-man shows, to convey something different.”

She added: “One very important thing at Louis Vuitton is valorising retail skills. We actually have special visits on Saturday, someone whom I really admire, Mr Arnault [LVMH’s CEO], who takes time every Saturday to visit us. He always begins by asking: “How were your customers? How were the sales? What were the top products?”. I think that’s one of the most wonderful signs of recognition you can receive while working in retail.”

Image: LVMH

LVMH’s Material resale platform Nona Source was the focus of the second episode, talking to three of the platform’s intrapreneur’s about the platform and how it plans to promote a circular economy.

Marie Falguera, one of the interviewees, said: “We really want to revolutionise sourcing, and we know very well that the search for materials is an extremely sensory experience for young designers. So we worked a lot on the ‘touch and feel’ experience to get a digital replication that’s as beautiful as possible, working on the photos, videos and detailed descriptions of the materials.”

The video further highlights the platform’s priority in creating an easy to use site that encourages young designers to use repurposed materials directly from LVMH sources.

In a final episode, LVMH talked to Caroline Fiot, an oenologist for Ruinart, who unveiled the steps behind the making of exceptional champagne. Fiot emphasises her expertise in the area, detailing the Maison’s Research and Development missions that determine her work.