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Made.com employees take legal action over redundancies

By Huw Hughes


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Image: Made.com

Former Made.com employees are taking the British furniture retailer to court over the way they were made redundant after the company fell into administration at the beginning of the month.

About 12 employees have instructed law firm Aticus Law to take legal action against Made.com after they were told over a Zoom call that they would be losing their jobs with immediate effect.

Aticus Law employment law specialist Mohammed Balal called Made.com’s handling of the matter “appalling”.

In a statement seen by Retail Gazette, Balal said: “Despite the concerns raised about the rights of employees to fair consultation over redundancies, it would appear that the employees at Made.com are the latest to be let go with immediate effect as their employer enters into administration.

“Given that the brand has been bought but not all of the people will be retained, many staff members will have had their lives turned upside down, and they are no doubt feeling anxious and concerned about the future.”

Made.com was acquired by high street fashion retailer Next last week.

Aticus Law is expected to make a claim for a protective award. If successful, employees could each receive 90 days worth of pay, capped at 571 pounds per week.