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Meta’s data processing for advertising ruled illegal under EU law

By Don-Alvin Adegeest


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Image: Data via Pexels

Meta on Wedneday was fined 390 million euros for breaching European advertising rules. The American tech giant’s data-fueled advertising model, which it sells as personalised ads, must now be re-assessed to meet Europe’s strict privacy laws.

Europe is one of Meta’s largest advertising markets and restrictions to its ads may impact revenue with companies searching for alternative means to reach consumers.

Meta in a statement said it strongly disagreed with the rulings and will appeal the substance of of the decision. “We strongly believe our approach respects G.D.P.R., and we’re therefore disappointed by these decisions.”

Targeted advertising will become more challenging for tech giants like Meta, Google and TikTok, especially in Europe where laws are tightening on data processing and usage.

In a press release the Data Protection Commission said “users had insufficient clarity as to what processing operations were being carried out on their personal data, for what purpose(s), and by reference to which of the six legal bases identified in Article 6 of the GDPR.”

Meta has three months to bring its data processing operations into compliance.

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