My Size, Inc., the developer and creator of smartphone measurement solutions, has announced that the company projects over 20 million size recommendations in 2020 for MySizeID. MySizeID is a size-recommendation tool based on shoppers' personal body measurements, taken with their smartphone sensors without using the camera.

In a statement, Ronen Luzon, CEO of My Size, said, "We continue to gain traction around the world among major retailers and consumers alike, since launching our MySizeID app in September of 2018. Specifically, MySizeID is generating significant industry buzz due to our proven ability to reduce returns and increase shopper conversions. By incorporating MySizeID into the eCommerce platform for large, middle, and small market retailers, we have repeatedly demonstrated our ability to increase our clients' revenues and lower their operating costs."

He added that, "Our various pricing plans with our customers are generally based on Price Per Size Recommendations (PPSR), which vary between 1 cent and 10 cents, plus a yearly maintenance fee. According to our projections, which are based on a combination of usage by our current customers and assumed adoption of MySizeID by prospective customers in our existing pipeline, we believe MySizeID will generate at least 20 million size recommendations over the course of 2020, with customer usage increasing exponentially over time."

Luzon said that the company is experiencing demand from retailers worldwide that are looking for turnkey solution to help consumers choose their appropriate style and fit when shopping.





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