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MyGroup to open ‘sustainable’ textile factory in Hull

By Rachel Douglass



Textile pile. Credits: Unsplash.

Waste management firm MyGroup has unveiled plans to open a new factory in Hull, England, to act as an innovation centre for textile recycling after it received a 500,000 pound investment.

The 1,300 square metre factory space will help to create up to 30 new jobs, MyGroup said in a release, therefore contributing to both reducing the environmental impact of the fashion industry and building on the economic growth of the city.

It is being constructed within a former laboratory and office space within MyGroup’s recycling campus, which will soon house a recycling and remanufacturing process for waste textiles that will be sorted and graded before being processed through a cleaning cycle.

Textiles that go through the factory will also be subject to a deconstruction process, removing any hardware, after which they will be transformed into new garments and other products by MyGroup’s ReFactory team in an on-site design studio.

The first phase of the factory is expected to be completed in Autumn, with further phases, such as the sorting and washing spaces to come at a later date.

An additional 400,000 pound investment is also planned for the location, which is set to be fully operational by the spring of 2024.

In a release, MyGroup’s director, Steve Carrie, said: “We are proud to launch this pioneering venture that showcases the company and the city of Hull’s commitment to sustainability and innovation.

“We’re ahead of the curve and building a factory of the future – our end-to-end recycling process combined with remanufacturing capabilities will revolutionise the way our industry thinks about textiles waste.”

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