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Nike launches initiative to reduce fatal road accidents among garment workers

By Rachel Douglass


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Image courtesy of Nike.

Sportswear giant Nike has teamed up with the International Labour Organisation (ILO) on a joint initiative focused on cutting deaths and injuries among garment and footwear workers.

As part of ILO’s Vision Zero Fund, the programme is aiming to look into why workers are vulnerable to commuting accidents in a bid to lessen the adverse impact on workers, their families and the sector.

Ultimately, the duo hope to establish a standardised approach to reduce the number of these accidents that can be adapted and replicated in different countries.

“At Nike, we know a world-class supply chain is grounded in standards that demonstrate respect for the people who make and move our product, and the principles of a healthy and safe workplace,” said Sittichoke Huckuntod, Nike’s director for health and safety, in a release.

Huckuntod continued: “With this joint initiative on road safety, we look to expand our collaboration with the Vision Zero Fund, which we feel will Help Nike manufacturers be leaders in safety across the extended supply chain and beyond.”

The release added that garment and footwear sector workers are disproportionately involved in road accidents in many countries, largely due to long distances, unsafe forms of transport and sharing roads with commercial vehicles.

As part of the partnership, Nike and ILO will create a Theory of Change (TOC) on road safety, aiming to raise awareness around the underlying causes of road accidents. Initially piloted by the fund and Nike in countries where the brand manufactures, it will provide guidance materials on commuting safely for workers.

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