The Los Angeles-based fashion e-tailer is ultimating its initial public offering of shares, according to people familiar with the matter. Market sources expect the company’s valuation to reach 1 billion dollars.

Revolve, the Los Angeles-based online clothing merchant, is currently preparing to get a first public offering of stock at overdue 2018, according to persons familiar with the business's plans, reports ‘Independent Recorder’.

The online clothing business, specialized in designer brands, is reported to have met with bankers earlier in June. Bankers would have pitched to get the business’ underwriting the business’ IPO, same sources further explained.

The deal is expected to value Revolve over 1 billion dollars. As highlighted by the ‘Wall Street Journal’, Revolve’s growth strategy has been bolstered by retaining and collaborating with influencers who showcase the brands and offerings sold on its website.





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