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Patagonia launches 'Repair Portal', expands repair services

By Rachel Douglass


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Patagonia launches Repair Portal. Credits: Patagonia.

Outerwear specialist Patagonia has announced the launch of a new online Repair Portal, designed to cater to repair requests 24 hours a day and allow customers to track the status of their repairs.

Alongside this, the brand is also set to expand its European network of fixers, as well as increasing repair tools and services in its stores.

It comes as part of its mission to increase repairs four-fold to 100,000 per year in the next five years.

In a release, Willem Swager, director of finance and operations at Patagonia EMEA, said that the industry needed a new regenerative model if it was to stand any chance of cleaning up the sector.

Swagger added: “That’s why Patagonia is calling on brands to move away from a focus on only selling new, and to stimulate reuse and longer wear of their products, through repair.

“At Patagonia, we know that offering free repairs brings us many benefits, and a unique moment to engage with our customers. And to scale our impact, we are looking for companies to join us in the repair movement.”

The new feature and expansion builds on Patagonia’s efforts to increase its circular capabilities throughout the business.

Last year, the retailer partnered with Makers Unite to launch the United Repair Centre, a repair provider that could be utilised by multiple apparel brands and trains clothing makers who have challenges in finding employment.

Since its launch, the centre has moved to a larger Amsterdam-based facility to handle the growing demand and has signed with other brand partners like Decathlon.

The incentive plans to open a second location in the UK in 2023, with other European destinations planned for next year.

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