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Patagonia partners with Makers Unite on Amsterdam-based repair centre

By Rachel Douglass


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The United Repair Centre, image via De Wolven PR

Creative textile platform Makers Unite and outerwear brand Patagonia have joined forces to launch the United Repair Centre (URC) in Amsterdam.

The hub aims to carry out 300,000 clothing repairs annually, saving one million kilograms of textile waste, the duo said in a release, and will allow for not only Patagonia to utilise its services but also any brands that wish to become members.

Dutch clothing brand Scotch & Soda has already joined the URC, with brand applications for additional members now open.

Consumers that have purchased products from a URC member will be able to contact the brand to organise for the product to be repaired at the URC facility, with it then returned to the customer to be worn again.

Patagonia and Makers Unite hope the centre will encourage brands to make repair and reuse a part of their business models in order to cut down on the negative impact of the textile industry.

As part of its opening, the URC will be starting a training programme in September, with collaboration from House of Denim, through which 300 students will be trained to become certified textile repairers in the coming years.

“The fashion industry is at the beginning of a new era. An era where repairs and other new services will make more impact,” said Thami Schweichler, managing director and co-founder of Makers Unite, in a release.

Schweichler continued: “We are addressing the fashion industry now, because something needs to be done. For us, it's a unique opportunity to create valuable jobs and we do this naturally with people who are struggling to get jobs."

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