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Patagonia: 'The Shitthropocene' explores the age of cheap clothing trash

By Regina Henkel


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With "The Shitthropocene", Patagonia explores the age of cheap clothing rubbish. Credits: Patagonia

In a documentary that is as humorous as it is revealing, the US outdoor company Patagonia has taken a critical look at consumer habits and the resulting clothing waste.

The 45-minute film entitled 'The Shitthropocene' - an allusion to the current geological age of mankind (the Anthropocene) - takes a satirical but brutally honest look at how everything in the clothing industry has turned into rubbish (originally "shit") over time and why the urge to buy more and more useless stuff could destroy the planet and therefore all of us.

The Shitthropocene Credits: Patagonia

Patagonia is not only an outdoor supplier, but also sees itself as an environmental activist. The company has long been concerned with the issue of consumption and does not shy away from encouraging consumers to only buy what they actually need.

In return, Patagonia emphasises the importance of developing clothing that is as timeless and durable as possible, which can also be repaired and is produced with as little environmental impact as possible. With the film, Patagonia wants to call on the Patagonia community to "demand quality products from manufacturers and keep equipment in use for longer through resale and repair", according to a press release.

'The Shitthropocene' will be shown in Patagonia stores across Europe and is also available to watch online via the European Patagonia website.

This article originally appeared on FashionUnited.DE. Translation and edit by: Rachel Douglass.

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