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Perry Ellis International expands partnership with CleanHub against plastic waste

By Vivian Hendriksz


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CleanHub x Perry Ellis International expanded partnership Credits: Generated AI Image for FashionUnited

Perry Ellis International, Inc (PEI), the parent company of Original Penguin and Perry Ellis, has expanded its partnership with CleanHub to include the Perry Ellis brand in its effort to intercept plastic waste before it contaminates oceans and waterways.

The expansion of its partnerships sees PEI allocating a portion of its sales towards retrieving an extra 10,000 pounds of plastic every year. This extended collaboration with CleanHub underscores PEI's continued dedication to sustainability and environmental responsibility.

"At Perry Ellis International, we recognize the critical threat that plastic pollution poses to the health of our oceans and ecosystems," said Oscar Feldenkreis, CEO of Perry Ellis International Inc. Expanding our collaboration with CleanHub enables us to take tangible action and drive meaningful impact alongside our consumers in preserving the planet for future generations."

PEI's Original Penguin brand has been working with CleanHub, a Berlin-based tech firm focused on deploying waste recovery systems in Asia and Africa, since April 2022. To date, the partnership has collected almost 25,000 pounds of plastic, with more being accumulated continuously.

"Perry Ellis is an excellent example of a company taking proactive steps to care for our planet," said Joel Tasche, co-founder and co-CEO of CleanHub, in a statement. We're excited to partner with Perry Ellis in our ongoing effort to prevent plastic from entering the oceans. With their partnership, we're set to make an even greater impact."

The partnership aligns with PEI's core goal of managing its plastic waste responsibly and tackling global plastic pollution. It also helps drive PEI towards full transparency in the plastic recovery and recycling efforts, allowing for effective control and reduction of the company's plastic impact.

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