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Philipp Plein signs licensing agreement with Worldtime Watches & Jewelry

By Kristopher Fraser


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Image: world.philipp-plein.com

Philipp Plein International AG and WorldTime Watches & Jewelry SA have signed a licensing agreement for the development, production and distribution of Philipp Plein watches and jewelry. The watch collections will be officially presented in July 2021 to debut in the market starting from winter 2021 in Philipp Plein boutiques, online, and at selected authorized retailers, while extended multibrand distribution will follow in spring 2022.

The maximalist aesthetics that made Philipp Plein famous will inspire the new line of watches, whose designs will see the Philipp Plein logos and symbols in great prominence on the dial, bezel, case, straps, and bracelets. All the distinctive stylistic elements of the brand – the crystals, the studs, the multicolor platings, the military patterns and the innovative combination of precious and refined materials – will alternate around Philipp Plein’s signature $kull motif, in three-dimensional and faceted versions, and the embossed crossbones. The jewelry collection, will be presented in January 2022 to be marketed soon after, will also be strongly characterized by the use of Philipp Plein distinctive traits, such as the lettering, the $kull, the double PP, the hexagon, and the monogram pattern.

“I am thrilled with the debut of these new lines of watches and jewelry, which enrich our collections with key elements of the men’s and women’s look,” said Philipp Plein, founder & CEO of Philipp Plein International AG, in a statement. “I am sure that the collaboration with WorldTime Watches & Jewelry will be an opportunity to push the boundaries of our luxurious and iconic vision even further.”

For the watch and jewelry development, production and distribution WorldTime Watches & Jewelry will leverage its long collaboration with Timex Group, which boasts over 150 years of experience in the watch industry.

“We are particularly proud of this agreement and look forward to combining our experience in the world of watch and jewelry with Philipp Plein’s image, to make available to consumers around the world collections that express the unique brand’s aesthetics and its idea of contemporary luxury” said Paolo Marai, Timex Group Luxury’s CEO, in a statement.

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