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Prada Group joins Sustainable Markets Initiative’s Fashion Task Force

By Rachel Douglass


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Prada Group joins the Sustainable Markets Initiative. Credits: Prada Group.

Italian luxury conglomerate Prada Group has announced that it has joined the Fashion Task Force of King Charles III’s Sustainable Markets Initiative, an organisation the British monarch founded in 2020 when he was Prince of Wales.

The task force, which is chaired by former chairman and CEO of YNAP, Frederico Marchetti, aims to develop and accelerate “action-oriented solutions across the global fashion, textile and apparel sectors to speed up the transition towards a more sustainable future”.

One of the main missions of the coalition, which already consists of the likes of Burberry, Chloé, Mulberry and Stella McCartney, has been to set up and implement a Digital ID system for clothing, providing customers with sustainability credentials for their garments.

The plans for the technology were initially unveiled during G20 2021, at which time the group said it was looking to work with partner brands to help implement the transparency solution.

Now with Prada Group on board, Lorenzo Bertelli, the firm’s head of corporate social responsibility, said in a release: “We are honoured to be part of this coalition and to contribute by sharing our experience in the field of traceability.

“Building on everyone’s valuable expertise and trying to achieve common goals in sustainability, is a productive way to face today’s complexity and to constantly improve.”

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