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Puig launches fragrance platform, opens office in Miami

By Rachel Douglass


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WikiParfum platform. Image: Puig

Beauty group Puig has unveiled its latest digital platform dedicated to fragrances, allowing users to discover what various perfumes smell like before trying it in-person.

Entitled ‘WikiParfum’, the platform enables users to browse, compare and choose fragrances from a regularly updated library, which currently consists of around 19,600 scents.

In a release, Puig said information and recommendations provided by the site are based on science and perfume expertise, designed to offer brand-agnostic, accurate results.

The group, which owns the likes of Charlotte Tilbury and Derma, added that the site hopes to act as an educational and innovative tool for shoppers, making fragrances accessible and personal.

Its launch comes as the group continues to implement an ambitious growth plan across the business, which has seen it make a number of notable acquisitions over the past year.

Most recently, Puig acquired majority stakes in beauty and fragrance brands Byredo, Kama Ayurveda and Loto Del Sur, bringing it into new international markets.

Additionally, the company is set to open a new office in Miami, Florida in January 2023 in a bid to support its “strong growth” in the Americas through a new regional hub.