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Ralph Lauren pledges 25 million dollars to support five US cancer centres

By Rachel Douglass


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Image: Ralph Lauren

American label Ralph Lauren has announced it will be providing 25 million dollars in funding to expand or establish five Ralph Lauren cancer centres throughout the US.

Under the Ralph Lauren Corporate Foundation, the centres each aim to increase access to cancer care for underserved communities, with the donation being the company’s largest single funding commitment made by the organisation.

The funding will go towards institutions with a National Cancer Institute (NCI) designation, as well as three additional locations that have yet to be confirmed.

Additionally, Ralph Lauren has said it will be expanding on its longstanding partnership with Georgetown Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center to establish the Ralph Lauren Center for Cancer Prevention in Washington DC, as part of the investment. Here, the company will expand on its patient navigation and education services for a wider range of cancer types.

The Ralph Lauren Corporate Foundation will also be furthering its support of Harlem’s Memorial Sloan Kettering Ralph Lauren Center and is set to collaborate with Conquer Cancer, led by the American Society of Clinical Oncology Foundation.

“While we have made significant progress and advancements in the fight against cancer, barriers to care and access persist, particularly in medically underserved and vulnerable communities,” Ralph Lauren, executive chairman and chief creative officer, in a release.

He continued: “It is our hope that, together, we can strengthen avenues of support and generate meaningful change for families and communities who need it more.”

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