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Reflaunt and SuperCircle announce joint resale and recycling offering

By Esmee Blaazer


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Reflaunt x SuperCircle collab. Reflaunt Altuzarra resale Credits: Reflaunt

Lisbon - Reflaunt, the resale technology solution used by Altuzarra, Balenciaga and Net-A-Porter among others, will join forces with fashion textile recycling platform SuperCircle.

The partnership was officially announced during a stage presentation at Web Summit, the largest tech congress held in Lisbon, on Thursday, by SuperCircle co-founder and CEO Chloe Marie Songer and Reflaunt co-founder and CEO Stephanie Crespin.

The joint offering involves a seamless process for consumers to resell their products through the brand’s website, with Reflaunt handling the resale process and SuperCircle managing the recycling of items that are not suitable for resale.

This partnership aims to bridge the gap between retail and recycling by offering a comprehensive service that allows customers to resell their items easily, regardless of the brand or condition, and ensures that products not suitable for resale are efficiently recycled.

Reflaunt SuperCircle collab. Credits: SuperCircle Reformation Shoe Recycling, credits SuperCircle

The integration of the resale and recycling services is designed to simplify the process for brands and consumers, offering a one-stop solution that maximises sustainability and economic value.

“This was made possible from Reflaunt's decision to step away from peer-to-peer resale models, where consumers create their own listing and wait for a sale to receive their reward, investing instead of "managed" models that offer consumers the convenience of sending their items to Reflaunt. Once in Reflaunt's logistics hub, each item is sorted for resale or recycling, and treated accordingly,” Reflaunt’s VP of brand partnerships, Sofia Gazzotti, explained further when asked per email.

The collaboration is ready to start its joint resale and recycling efforts. The companies are actively working together to provide a comprehensive solution for brands and consumers in the fashion industry, addressing challenges related to circular fashion, textile waste and sustainability. The initiative is now official, with some partners now “in the works”.

Both Supercircle and Reflaunt have secured funding in the last months or year to support their growth and operational expansion, with a focus on onboarding new brands and increasing their processing capabilities.

Reflaunt x SuperCircle collab Credits: SuperCircle sorting bins, credit SuperCircle

Reflaunt and SuperCircle join Forces

About SuperCircle

SuperCircle is a New York-based textile recycling logistics platform founded by Chloe Marie Songer and Stuart Ahlum. The roots of SuperCircle trace back to Thousand Fell, a circular sneaker brand inaugurated in 2019. Focused on sustainability, Thousand Fell established a closed-loop system where customers return sneakers for recycling, receiving a discount on their subsequent purchase.

“Within six months of launching the circular sneaker product line, we realised the bigger opportunity was actually logistics and infrastructure for recycling throughout the entire industry, which is really missing in order to make circularity a reality today,” explained Songer on the Web Summit stage. “So that is what we’re building now, a infrastructure for collection, identification and sortation of textile waste.”

The platform serves as a crucial bridge connecting retail with the waste management sector, effectively closing the loop and addressing post-consumer clothing waste. Supercircle's user-friendly approach streamlines integration and customer adoption, empowering brands to institute their recycling take-back programs.

SuperCircle founders Chloe Marie Songer and Stuart Ahlum Credits: SuperCircle

The start-up raised 7 million US dollars earlier this year. Brand partners of SuperCircle include Reformation, ALC and Uniqlo US.

Sacher said that they are currently active in North America (Canada, the US, and Mexico) and are planning to expand to Europe next year.

About Reflaunt

Reflaunt, co-founded by Stéphanie Crespin, Philippe Benedetti, and Felix Winckler, positions itself as a B2B solution, offering technology and infrastructure to empower brands and retailers in delivering a seamless resale experience to their customers. Operating under a Resale-as-a-Service (RaaS) model, Reflaunt has garnered attention for its unique approach.

Reflaunt does extend direct consignment options and limited trade-in opportunities to consumers through its concierge service, the primary thrust of its operations lies in strategic partnerships with renowned brands. Notable collaborators include Altuzarra, Balenciaga, Net-A-Porter, Harvey Nichols and The Outnet.

Image: Reflaunt Altuzarra Credits: Reflaunt

How does it work? Crespin showcased Altuzarra (Archive) demo at the Web Summit talk, a brand partner that chooses to feature resale items directly on its website. For consumers, the process is user-friendly – listing a pre-loved item involves adding the product number, with photos and product information seamlessly provided by Reflaunt. Consumers only need to specify the size and condition. After that the garment is shipped to Reflaunt where authentication in warehouses takes place. The item is then listed for resale across Reflaunt's expansive global network, including platforms like Vestiaire Collective and Poshmark. Customers receive store credit in return.

Reflaunt raised 11 million US dollars in Series A funding round last year.

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About Web Summit

Web Summit is an international event where tens of thousands of people, including entrepreneurs, investors, speakers and company representatives, gathered for the latest developments in technology and innovation. This edition, running from 14 to 16 November, welcomed more than 70,000 visitors from 153 countries worldwide.

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