Rose Wholesale focuses on online versus brick-and-mortar

Asia-based retailer RoseWholesale recently has made moves to create a more customer friendly experience. ​The wholesaler has taken major moves in order to ensure a better shopping process and ensure top quality product.

"The increase in Internet shopping in recent years has encouraged many suppliers to cut corners in order to remain competitive in the market," RoseWholesale Operation Manager Shulin Lee said in a statement. "This, in turn, has led to lower-quality products. We're combating this problem in a number of ways."

The wholesaler has worked to improve its website by changing the upper right corner of its product page. This way, the corresponding SKU number is available which can allow for staff to help customers find items through a more seamless process. This number helps the staff to see the researcher, buyer, model information, and supplier information all at once. "These safeguards allow our customers to shop with confidence, knowing that product photos and descriptions are accurate," said Lee. "We've also taken steps to increase the security of the payment process, and make returns and refunds easier."

Rose Wholesale upgrades its website for a more customer-friendly experience

The wholesaler has also worked to have a better photography system with professional models. Doing their own photography in-house now, the company has offered a more consistent view of products, improving the overall aesthetic of their site.

The company, which was established in 2013, offers apparel and footwear for women including both home decor and accessories. The e-commerce label has business across Asian, European, and North American markets. Upgrading the site allows for RoseWholesale to appeal to customers more on its e-site. In a declining retail climate, investing in its online business may prove to be a successful strategy for the wholesaler.

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