Rose Wholesale recently has seen their menswear market grow in the past couple of years. The Asia-based discounted fashion e-tailer just announced that almost half of its sales are from male customers.

The menswear line launched two years ago through the brand’s website at Now, the company’s customer base is made up of nearly 40 percent of male shoppers. Launching the menswear clothing ended up being a risky yet strategic move for the wholesaler. "It can be a challenge," said Shulin Lee, Director of Operations at Rose Wholesale. "The popular fashions for women's clothing are easy to find. Not so for the men. It's sometimes hard for us to know what men prefer and what are the hot elements."

The wholesaler offers men’s swim trunks, patterned and printed t-shirts, and more summer clothing for men. The company adds approximately 100 new men’s item each week, delving further into the menswear market. "We focus on providing a wide array of practical clothing at discount prices," said Lee. "Our strategy at this point to offer a good selection of men's clothing and accessories while striving to provide personalized service."