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Shopify and WPP join forces to help brands scale

By Don-Alvin Adegeest


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Shopify platform Credits: Shopify

Global marketing and communications company WPP has unveiled a strategic partnership with e-commerce giant Shopify to harness the power of its platform for enterprise clients. The collaboration aims to co-develop products, combining WPP's vast network of over 13,500 commerce experts with Shopify's platform to assist ambitious brands in achieving rapid scalability and expanding their customer base.

With evolving consumer expectations, dynamic commerce innovations, and shifting economic landscapes, it has become increasingly crucial for brands to directly engage consumers across various platforms, including online, in physical stores, and on social media, WPP said in a press release. This is particularly pertinent for enterprise brands, which have recognized the limitations of traditional commerce infrastructure in adapting to emerging consumer buying behaviors. Through this partnership, WPP clients will gain access to Shopify's platform, allowing them to leverage its expertise in direct-to-consumer engagement and conversion capabilities to extend their global reach.

As part of the collaboration, Shopify will collaborate with WPP on product development to create tailored solutions for various sectors, such as consumer packaged goods, health and wellness, and fashion. The partnership will also encompass the rollout of customized global training and certification programs for WPP employees, with the goal of certifying 300 Shopify specialists within the first year across WPP's global network.

Mark Read, CEO of WPP, said: “The commerce sector has seen an incredible explosion in growth over the last few years, which is why Shopify is a natural fit for our clients given their enterprise credibility and speed at which they innovate. As WPP continues to scale and strengthen our commerce offerings and expertise, I’m confident that this partnership will lead to more growth opportunities for the brands we work with.”

Harley Finkelstein, President of Shopify, said: “For two decades, we have been perfecting Shopify to enable leading enterprise brands to reach their consumers directly and accelerate their business globally. We're excited to unlock even more opportunities for global commerce innovation and help more brands future-proof their businesses by partnering with WPP and their world-class clients.”

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