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Shopify ends Black Friday with 2.9 billion dollars in sales

By Rosalie Wessel

Nov 30, 2021


Image: Pexels

Shopify has announced its Black Friday sales to be a total of nearly 2.9 billion dollars.

This is a 21 percent increase in sales from 2020, which saw a 75 percent surge in sales due to lockdown. It is also double Shopify’s sales on Black Friday in 2019.

Merchants using Shopify earned peak sales of 3.1 million per minute at 12:02 PM EST during Black Friday, and had crossed the 1 billion dollar marker at around 4 AM EST.

Shopify also saw an increase in mobile sales, with 72 percent of purchases made on mobile devices, as opposed to the 28 percent on desktop. Top product categories were apparel and accessories. This was then followed by health and beauty and home and garden.

The top selling countries where consumers bought from were the United States, United Kingdom and Canada.

“Every year, Black Friday represents one of the largest single-day sales moments for entrepreneurs around the world, and this year it was bigger than ever,” said president of Shopify, Harvey Finkelstein. “From in-store retailers, to online, and even viral Tik-Tok must-haves, these Black Friday sales show that independent businesses are having a massive impact on global commerce. Consumer support of independent brands is at an all time high.”

Shopify also funded the removal of 23,000 tonnes of carbon, in order to combat emissions from delivery of every order made using Shopify’s platform on Black Friday.

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