From Prada to Versace, Milan Fashion Week is renowned for sleek catwalk shows oozing opulence -- but that was before German designer Philipp Plein pinned his show around a cage fight set to the live beat of Snoop Dogg.

The rapper, decked out in grey hoodie and sweat pants designed by the 36-year old Plein, performed inside a mock boxing ring where two fighters, the so-called "Demolition man" and his adversary, were enthusiastically sparring.

Paris Hilton, eye-catching in plunging neckline and crystal-studded jacket, was among the celebrities looking on from the front row as models decked out in the Fall-Winter 2015 collection of warrior-inspired street wear paraded around the outside of the ring to the beat of tribal drums.

Girls wearing not very much held up numbers to mark the rounds progressing in the ring as the music built to fever pitch, although most in the audience were too busy snapping photographs of the collection on their smartphones or dancing to Snoop Dogg to pay much attention to who was winning.

It's not the first time Plein -- whose show wound up Saturday's line-up after Versace -- has overshadowed his more prestigious colleagues in the fashion world.

The catwalk for his men's Fall-Winter collection last year went Western, with a show including live horses and a shootout amongst cowboys, while the men's Spring-Summer 2015 show took place in an abandoned public swimming pool with a performance by a group of synchronised swimmers.

Men's Milan Fashion Week runs until Tuesday, with Prada, Gucci and Fendi still to come. (AFP)





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