China has finally started to offer a glimmer of hope amidst the coronavirus pandemic: the textile factories are slowly beginning to reopen. After the country reported no new coronavirus cases yesterday for the first time since the spread of the disease began, those watching the global markets and how international businesses will handle this were very hopeful. Life is slowly beginning to return to normal in China as coronavirus patients are recovering

However, U.S. and European retailers have shuttered stores for the time being as many cities are on lockdown to help slow the spread of coronavirus. Stores in China have begun slowly opening up again, which is vital given that the country is still a target growth sector for many fashion brands.

Most Chinese textile factory workers are back, although certain parts of China, including Wuhan where the virus originated, remain on lockdown for the time being, so workers there are still quarantined. Many textile factories have converted to producing medical supplies for the time being, especially as apparel companies are slowing down on production.

There were businesses that were considering leaving China entirely as a result of the pandemic, but given that coronavirus has become a global problem, companies have halted these plans. Factories may take a while to catch up on orders, but less demand for product is expected to ease the burden of speeding up production or working overtime.





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