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Ugg removes ‘humane’ claims following PETA cease and desist

By Rachel Douglass


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Credits: Renata Kalkmann

Footwear specialist Ugg is understood to have removed the claim that its animal supply chain was humane following a cease and desist order for the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA).

It comes after the animal welfare organisation initiated legal action against Ugg in November in reference to the company’s “misleading” statements regarding the use of animal products in its shoes.

In the letter, PETA alleged that Ugg’s claim on its website that it never accepts hides “from animals who have been raised or slaughtered inhumanely” was not true, as the company sources by-products of the meat industry which displays evidence of animal cruelty, according to the nonprofit.

PETA said that, in light of its order, Ugg had removed the claims from its websites, including one in which it suggested suppliers ensured that “animals are free from hunger and thirst, discomfort, pain, fear, and distress”, which PETA had linked to Ugg’s ties with the Responsible Down Standard, a certification that has come under scrutiny of its own from PETA exposés.

In a release, PETA executive vice president, Tracy Reiman, said: “By removing these baseless and misleading claims, Ugg has acknowledged that there’s nothing ‘humane’ about killing sheep, cows, and geese and using their skin and feathers for boots and jackets.

“PETA is calling on UGG to give today’s kind customers what they want—luxurious vegan materials that leave animals out altogether.”

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