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UK government pledges 80 million pounds to support circular industry model

By Rachel Douglass


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Image: Labrum London AW22, via British Fashion Council

UK prime minister Boris Johnson has pledged 80 million pounds in government funding to support a programme that hopes to push the UK industry towards a circular fashion model.

Announced during a champagne reception in honour of sustainable fashion, Johnson said in a speech that the “cheque was on its way” and continued on to reference various innovations in British fashion, including fabric technologies and tailoring.

Initially reported by The Guardian, Johnson was accompanied by his wife, Carrie Johnson, and his children at the 10 Downing Street event.

The reception was also attended by the British Fashion Council (BFC), which said it would be using the funding to launch a 10-year sustainable change programme for the fashion industry, with the goal of driving a circular fashion ecosystem in the UK.

Reinforcing London as a global fashion capital

According to WWD, the organisation’s first industry-led programme will be housed under the BFC’s Positive Fashion Institute, with a particular focus on recycling, innovation and new circular business models.

Speaking at the event, Stephanie Phair, the outgoing chair of the BFC, said: “Imagine a great city like Leeds reclaiming its heritage in this industry – but with reprocessing plants for fabric reuse, and take-back centres for clothing in high streets.”

Additionally, London’s deputy mayor, Justine Simons, also spoke on the importance of the creative industries and London Fashion Week.

Simons said: “There is a real energy coming back after the pandemic, and it is important for London to have emblematic moments that reinforce its standing as a global capital.”

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