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Underwear brand Parade launches sustainable impact tool

By Rachel Douglass


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Image: Parade

Lingerie label Parade has announced the launch of a new sustainability impact tool which will measure its entire product range based on social, climate and circularity categories.

The methodology, developed together with global sustainability consultancy Eco-Age, will give a score to all of the label’s products based on the three categories that each affect various parts of the value chain.

According to a press release, Parade will also commit to updating the technology every year in line with the company’s sustainability commitments.

On the new initiative, Kerry Steib, vice president of brand and impact, said: “Parade has done a lot to address sustainability - from using certified-recycled products to launching Second Life by Parade, our underwear recycling program.”

Steib continued: “As we continue on our path to climate positivity by 2025, we wanted to hold ourselves accountable and create a simple way to communicate the impact of our products beyond the often-reductive language of ‘sustainable’. The Parade Product Score enables us to assess our product’s performance holistically and strategise for improvement.”

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