Valfré sends cease and desist letter to Forever 21 for copyright issue

Forever 21 is once again dealing with a copyright issue. The fast-fashion retailer is being accused of copying designs from apparel and accessories company Valfré.

The illustrator of Valfré, Ilse Valfré, has sent a cease and desist letter to Forever 21 for copying a rainbow cell phone cover. According to WWD, the company states in the letter that the cell phone cover is almost exact in its design. The letter was sent within the last week, although the retailer has yet to respond. Currently, there is no set court date to settle the matter, however that may change based on Forever 21’s response. “Should Forever 21 take responsibility for the infringement, cooperate with our investigation and agree to tender reasonable compensation, then no court case will be necessary,” Valfré attorney Scott Alan Burroughs said, as reported by WWD.

While Forever 21 isn’t being sued, if the company isn’t careful, it seems Valfré may take further action. The retailer has undergone various issues like this before with retailers such as Puma, H&M, and others accusing the company of the same thing. Established in 2013, Valfré has built itself a reputation through its online site by retailing unique, experimental merchandise. Because of this, it seems that the Los Angeles-based company’s designs being ripped off could hurt its business. Only time will tell how Forever 21 will react to this accusation for the future.

Photo: Valfré





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