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Vans opens House of Vans in Mexico City

By Rachel Douglass

Nov 22, 2021


Image: Vans

Footwear brand Vans is set to open its newest House of Vans location in Mexico City, on December 9.

Joining its Chicago and London destinations, the new House of Vans will be home to a skatepark, music venue, theatre, art gallery and more, acting as a community hub that hopes to inspire creativity.

“It is an honour for Vans to permanently open House of Vans Mexico City,” said Iñigo Perezcano, Vans’ senior marketing manager, in a release. “It’s a space where the ‘Off The Wall’ spirit lives, which will enable action sports, music, art, and street culture communities to embrace and develop their expressive creativity to keep making history within Mexico City’s rich creative landscape.”

Concerts by local and global acts, as well as the House of Vans workspace and yard, will be available to the public free of charge. Other events will include Sunday barbecues, interactive workshops, rotating exhibitions and independent film screenings.

In celebration of the opening, visitors will be invited to a Japanese breakfast led by bestselling author Michelle Zauner, followed by concerts and a gallery presentation by Mexico creatives.

Image: Vans