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VF Corporation opens regional office in Tokyo alongside design collective

By Rachel Douglass


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Harajuku, Tokyo. Image: Unsplash

Fashion conglomerate VF Corporation has launched the new Tokyo Design Collective (TDC) alongside the opening of a regional office in the Japanese city’s Harajuku district.

The office will be the new home of VF brands Dickies, Timberland and Vans in the region, as well as the TDC team.

The mission of TDC is to merge Japanese product design and craftsmanship into its global brands, leveraging the expertise of an in-house design team, as well as a network of freelance designers, artists and Japanese brands.

It will further serve as an incubator platform for talent through a ‘Design in Residence’ programme, allowing for designers across its portfolio to live, work and co-create in the Tokyo hub.

VF said TDC has already linked with several projects across the company, many of which are set to launch later this year.

In a release, Mitch Whitaker, president of North Asia and TDC, said: "Our TDC and brand teams in Japan are incredibly excited about our new home in the heart of Harajuku and the role it will play to drive a global brand halo through what we call our 'Japan for Japan for the rest of the world' strategy.

"We will use this new centre to inspire new design concepts that not only connect with the Japanese consumer but will translate and gain traction in other global markets as well."

VF Corporation