Victoria's Secret faces lawsuit from "Love Made Me Do It" slogan

Los Angeles - Ever since their show in China, Victoria's Secret has been dealing with a couple of set backs. After losing one of their star super models, Gigi Hadid, it seems now the billion-dollar company is facing a lawsuit.

Los Angeles-based collective Love Made is suing the lingerie company due to their newest slogan, "Love Made Me Do It." The collective has had the slogan trademarked to their name and also has it on their apparel. Love Made also has a sign of it at their store, claiming their artwork as their own. The lawsuit claims that their company may "suffer great damage to its goodwill and reputation," according to Paper Mag.

Love Made has various tote bags, apparel, and even a neon sign with the phrase "Love Made Me Do It." Launched in 2008 by Linda Nguyen, the collective retails apparel and neon signs through its online site. Victoria's Secret has coined the phrase for their new fragrance, using the phrase on tote bags as well as other promotional items.

Victoria's Secret faces lawsuit from "Love Made Me Do It" slogan

Love Made sues Victoria's Secret over new slogan

“Inexplicably, in 2017, defendant began using the mark ‘Love Made Me Do It’ as a source identifier in promotional efforts for a new fragrance, including on tote bags and promotional items,” Nguyen said in her complaint, as reported by WWD. “Even more outrageously, defendant uses images of a neon sign reading ‘Love Made Me Do It’ in its marketing and merchandising.”

Due to the striking similarities, Nguyen has taken a stand. She is suing for trademark infringement and unfair competition. Additionally, she is looking to find a way to stop big companies like Victoria's Secret from doing this again. "There is substantial possibility that they will continue to engage in such unlawful, unfair and deceptive business practices," she told the publication.

Currently, Victoria's Secret has not released any public statement on the matter. For now, the company is not selling merchandise with the phrase on its website.

Photos: Victoria's Secret / Love Made